What Floor Coating Is Best?

There’s a war going on between the three different types of floor coatings for your garage, between latex, epoxy, and acrylic. No matter where you go it seems that one of them is begging for your attention, and all of them have pros and cons. In order to make the best decision, you will first need to know some things about your garage.

What Is Your Garage Situation?

Take a look at your garage and answer these two questions. First, what type of work are you planning to do in your garage? Do you want your garage to be a workout room, a storage area, or a place where you simply store your car and don’t do anything else with it?

garage floor coating

Next, what does your weather look like? Every garage floor coating needs warm temperatures to dry properly once you apply them, so make sure that it is warm and dry before starting to apply your pick,

Which One Do You Choose?

Latex and acrylic paints are much easier to apply, as they are paints vs the epoxy. Latex based paint is a short term option as best, and will need to be touched up every six months if you heavily use your garage. It will peel away and stop being effective after two years, however, so you should only use it if your garage sees little use.

Epoxy coating mixes a hardening resin with latex and acrylic paints, making it much more durable and prone to lasting much longer than regular paint. If your garage sees a ton of use and you want to make sure that the floor stays undamaged, then you will need to use an epoxy coating.

Whichever one you choose, your garage floor will be protected, and that is the most important thing.